5th Circuit Rules On DOE Regulations

The Biden administration has once again been caught trying to impose their radical agenda on the American people, but this time they’ve been handed a crushing defeat. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of Missouri and 10 other states who stood up against the Biden team’s latest attempt to control our lives.

And what was their target this time? Our appliances. Yes, you read that right. The Biden administration is now trying to tell us what kind of appliances we can use in our own homes. All in the name of their climate change fanaticism.

But the irony is rich, since it’s Biden who constantly accuses his political opponent, former President Donald Trump, of wanting to be a dictator. Yet here we have the Biden administration trying to dictate what we can do with our own refrigerators and freezers.

And it’s not the first time they’ve tried to sneak these types of regulations past us. Remember the gas stove controversy, where they were supposedly bad for our health? Unless, of course, you’re Kamala Harris trying to prove you can cook a Beef Wellington for Christmas. In that case, gas stoves are totally fine.

But this time, the 5th Circuit has put the Biden administration in its place, reminding them that there is no fourth branch of government. Federal bureaucrats can’t just tell us what appliances to use.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey, who led the charge against the Biden DOE regulations, succinctly stated, “There is no fourth branch of government-sanctioned in the United States Constitution.” This unconstitutional overreach is just the latest example of the Biden team’s power-hungry mindset.

And the Court didn’t stop there. Not only did they call into question the DOE’s authority to regulate water use in dishwashers and washing machines, but they also declared the rule “arbitrary and capricious.” Translation: the Biden administration’s actions make no sense and are causing Americans to use more energy and water rather than less.

But does the Biden team care about the cost or restrictions they’re placing on Americans? Of course not. As long as they can exert control and push their radical agenda, they’ll do whatever it takes. This is just another example of their nonsensical intrusion into our lives.

It’s time for the American people to wake up and realize that the Biden administration is not here to serve our best interests. They are here to control and manipulate us, all while claiming to be the champions of the people. But as this latest defeat shows, they will not go unchallenged.

Red State