A Danish Clinical Study About Masks Is Being Suppressed Because Of The Results

At this point in the pandemic, I think we could call independent journalist, author, and former reporter for the New York Times, Alex Berenson a coronavirus expert.

He has been leading the charge using science to counter the hysteria coming from Democrats and the media.

Recently he has gotten his hands on a Danish study that medical journals are suppressing he claims because of the studies results. Berenson wrote, “The Danish study is the most important research on masks. If it shows they don’t work, we need to know, so we can try other solutions. If it shows they’re harmful, we need to know, SO WE DON’T TELL PEOPLE TO WEAR THEM.”

Berenson’s fear is that politics is holding health hostage and wants the study published.

The lead investigator of the study said the study would be published “as soon as a journal is brave enough.”

Berenson did speak with the scientist directly to authenticate the study and asked if he would release the study without a journal. According to the leader of the team not everyone involved in the study agrees to release the report without having a journal publish it is the right thing to do.

I’m sure the people on the team are scared, here’s what happened when a Danish newspaper tried to publish the story.

Berenson believes that the study is going to have to come sooner or later. He called on the top medical journals to publish the study.

Whatever the results are the study should be published so it can be discussed. If the study is total garbage then those that conducted it should be exposed but if the study is valid more research needs to be done. What if we are harming ourselves by wearing a mask?

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