A Discovery Made in White House Cocaine Case – Watch

A Republican congressman believes that the Secret Service has identified the person who brought cocaine into the White House complex last weekend.

Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) of the House Oversight Committee said during an interview Monday that he believes that the U.S. Secret Service has identified someone as a suspect in the case. He spoke with Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum and said that he spoke with law enforcement officials in his home state asking how long it should take for fingerprints to be taken off the baggie that had the cocaine and he was told it should be within an hour.

“If there was no fingerprints, they could have told us immediately,” he said. “So, I suspect there are fingerprints, and you can run it through a database, and this was found where high level aides and staffers are, so most of them were fingerprinted at one time or another, so they may very well already know who it belongs to and aren’t sharing with us and that’s my greatest concern and worry.”

“Secret Service briefing on White House cocaine now moved UP to Thursday, July 13 at 10 am,” said Fox News correspondent Chad Pergram. “Will be with staff. Had been told earlier today it would be moved back until late July. But that just changed. Fox is told this means the USSS may have more to share about its inquiry.”

The cocaine was discovered in a cubby where White House visitors place their cell phones, according to ABC News. The discovery was made on Sunday, July 3, while President Biden was at Camp David.

The discovery of cocaine in the White House is a major security breach, and it is important that the Secret Service get to the bottom of this case. The American people deserve to know who brought cocaine into the White House and how it was able to get past security.