A Mockery of Democracy: PA Supreme Court Overturns Ruling, Allows Corrupt Vote Count Practice In Philadelphia

Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court this week overturned a ruling that allowed election observers to be within six feet of ballot counting operations.

The court ruled that state law only requires that observers be allowed “in the room” where the ballots are counted and does not mandate a minimum distance.

The 5-2 majority opinion also ruled that the Philadelphia Board of Elections “did not act contrary to the law in fashioning its regulations governing the positioning of candidate representatives.”

“Critically, we find the board’s regulations…were reasonable,” Justice Debra Todd wrote.

The ruling overturned a November 5th order in which Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon sided with the Trump campaign and agreed to reduce the 25-foot distance from which “candidates, watchers or candidate representatives” could watch the votes being counted.

The ruling comes just as more ballots were found in Georgia in addition to the 2,500 found last week.

If these votes continued to be found in Georgia it could overturn the election results and it may show a coordinated effort to undermine the election system. If Georgia counties keep “finding” 2,500 here and 2,300 it could give the appearance of election officials shaving votes from Trump and using Fulton County to give Biden the lead.

In Michigan, Republican election officials were threatened if they didn’t certify their election results.

The Left is destroying democracy to get rid of President Trump.

The New York Post