Acosta Goes Toe to Toe with Yang on Trump and New Political Party…It’s Fiery! Watch

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang appeared on CNN to discuss his tweets criticizing the FBI’s raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence. He also talked about his new Forward Party.

The interview lasted more than ten minutes and Yang struggled to bring clarity to his answers. Jim Acosta, from CNN, pitched some pretty tricky questions. 

Regarding Trump, Yang was asked if he thought it was “OK” for the former president to have “top secret documents” and Yang said “no.” 

This was a curve ball for Yang because CNN did not like the way Yang gave an unapproved talking point. 

Acosta also pointed out that the tag line for the new Forward Party is the “moderate, common-sense majority.” Acosta reminded Yang that this tag is also the title of his new book.

Acosta asked, “But are you just promoting yourself, I guess is what I’m asking, are you just out there promoting yourself with this?”

Yang came back pretty good here saying that starting a new national political party was a “silly” way to sell books. 

Acosta then played a video of Democratic Strategist James Carville who said the Forward Party “a really stupid idea.” 

The interview just got more abrasive as Acosta grilled Yang on the new party’s platform positions. Yang struggled with his answers on gun control and Roe v. Wade. 

“The Forward Party has a not left or right but forward stance on even the most divisive and contentious issues,” Yang said.

Acosta fired back, “Well, what does that mean? Don’t you have to take a position on something?”

At one point Acosta concludes that the party doesn’t have any policy saying, “It doesn’t sound like you are taking any hard positions. It sounds like you’re sort of a fill-in-the-blank party. You know, if somebody wants a party with no clear policy positions, you’re it.”

Yang responded, “We’re for the common sense consensus on guns, abortion, climate change but we’re not getting a common sense consensus result on any of those issues.”

Acosta lashed back, “What are those positions? Those are just sort of fuzzy… but those are fuzzy… nebulous… it sounds like something you came up with in a focus group.”