What A Buffoon! Take A Look At How Judge Used COVID-19 In Reason To Shut Down The Dakota Pipeline

On Monday, headlines were everywhere that a federal judge ruled that the Dakota Access pipeline must be shut down by August 5th.

Activist Judge Jame Boasberg issed a 24 page memorandum that said the project fell short of National Environmental Policy requirements to allow the pipeline to continue as the government continues to review the project.

What was most curious was how the Obama appointed judge used the coronavirus as part of his ruling.

In a brief lawyers representing the pipeline agreed that there is no “viable pipeline alternative for transporting the 570,000 barrels of Bakken crude that [Dakota Access pipeline] is capable of carrying each day.”

In the meantime, the oil would be transported by railroad which farmers have said that would crush them.

“Several states also argue that their grain farmers would be harmed by having to pay a premium for railroad cars once oil, which is more valuable by volume, enters that market and drives up prices,” Boasberg argued.

But here’s how Boasberg shrugged off the concerns…

Breitbart News reported:

Judge Boasberg noted that the coronavirus shutdowns, global recession, and social distancing had led to a dramatic decline in demand for oil, which could mean the economic effects of the shutdown would be moderated.

In other words, the judge is saying, “screw you, farmers” and that  “America isn’t going to recover from the coronavirus anytime soon so it won’t be too expensive.” Boasberg’s decision will also drive up the cost of food during a recession because it will be more expensive for farmers to ship their grain by rail. 

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the US oil industry in North Dakota was pushing out a record 1.45 million barrels a day. Due to the pandemic, the output has slowed to under 1 million barrels.

Joe Biden has promised to tear up the pipeline agreement. Tearing up that agreement will cause the price of oil and food to rise in the United States as the country rises from a recession caused by the coronavirus.

Breitbart News