Census Shenanigans: Biden Admin Makes ‘Revisions’ To Save Blue States From Losing House Seats

Something very disturbing is going on with the current census data released by the Biden Administration.

There have been reported revisions to the original estimates and they all moved in the same direction: population gains were subtracted from red states and added to blue states. Revisions were added to December populations estaminets under the Biden Census Bureau adding 2.5 million resident to blue-state and subtracted more than 500,000 residents from red states. 

Original projections of the Census showed that New York was losing two seats, Rhode Island losing a seat and Illinois possibly losing two seats. Instead, New York and Illinois only lose one seat, Rhode Island keeps their seats.

It was anticipated that Texas would gain three seats, Florida gain two seats and Arizona gain one seat. Now, Texas has gained only two seats, Florida one, and Arizona none. 

What is setting off all the bells and whistles is that all of the population revisions only went in one direction by blue states that were losing seats. 

Here is some of the strange results that have many scratching their heads. 

New York lost about 1.3 million residents to other states, not including immigration, births, or deaths. The total population loss is about the same as losing two to three House seats. However, the final numbers revised (by the Biden administration) added 860,000. That’s about twice the population of Buffalo and Rochester put together. 

Something else that’s fishy is that many red states had their 2020 census numbers lower than their 2010 estimates: Arizona, North Carolina, and South Carolina. 

In contrast, deep-blue states had their 2020 census numbers significantly revised upward from their December estimates: Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York Rhode Island, and Vermont.

Lastly, every one of the large deviations from the estimates favored Democrats and only five states in the 2020 census were in the same margin. 

Many believe that if the census was taken now, a year after the pandemic, it would have shown and even greater migration from blue states.

House Republicans need to open an investigation and force the Census Bureau to explain the revisions.

Maybe the Biden Census Bureau was using common core math?