Motorists Shocked After Disturbing Message Pops Up On Fuel Pump

The image went viral after it was posted by Katie Greifeld from Bloomberg News whose social media bio says she lives in New York City.

According to the image posted by Greifeld, she was fueling up her vehicle at what appears to be an Exxon station. When the pump hit 7.360 gallons it cut off and said that she has reached her fueling limit.

Greifeld, a liberal journo, hasn’t said much more about her viral photo and it is assumed that she filled up another vehicle on the same day that prompted the message.

The question is who imposed the prompt? The gas station or the bank?

What is bizarre is that no one is offering an explanation.

Left-wing think tanks like the CT Mirror demanded America start a gas rationing program on March 7, 2022:

We obviously need a crash program for renewables, but that can’t be done with a snap of the fingers.  We have to cut back on the amount of fuel we use.  Rationing is the best way to do it.  The U.S. did just that in World War II.  The Office of Price Administration ran the program.  You’d get paper cards that you needed to hand over with your money to buy gasoline or fuel oil.  We don’t have to use cards now.  We have computers and apps that could keep track of who gets what.

Keeping homes warm in winter and lights on at night will be number one priority. It will be painful to some.   Jet-set vacations and amusements that use lots of fuel will be low down on the list of priorities.  Life will change and there will have to be self-sacrifice.

Just like with COVID restrictions how about liberal states like New York and California impose these policies. Why wait for Biden to do it? Are they chicken?

States can impose a gas rationing policy just like they did with COVID restrictions.

But, they won’t because if they thought people moving out of blue areas was bad during COVID imagine what it would be like if they rationed gas.