America’s Military Compared to Russia, China, and England – Watch

The “woke” movement across the nation is perhaps most dangerous in its capacity to affect America’s Armed Forces.

The Defense Secretary, Lloyd Austin, and Joint Chiefs Chairman, Mark Milley, are both working hard to change the greatest fighting force in the world.

Remember when the army was looking for “a few good men?” Now they are looking for people with self-identified genders with self-assigned pronouns.

The experimental nature of this military transformation has clear and present danger. The security of the United States could be in peril.

The Department of Defense posted a video on Twitter with this caption: “Diversity is a strategic imperative critical to mission readiness and accomplishment. We were on site for the 2023 inaugural @DoD_ODEI Summit as DEIA experts led forums to advance the DEIA and DoD mission — because our people matter.”

The lean to the left in our military has already had a devastating effect on recruitment, the Army has been forced to reboot the “Be All You Can Be” theme from the 1980s in a desperate attempt to reverse the plummeting recruiting numbers.

In “Defense News” last October it was reported that U.S. military power was weaker in 2022 than in 2021, according to a report by the Heritage Foundation. This is a conservative think tank that analyzes the strength of our armed forces and the threats against America.

The “2023 Index of U.S. Military Strength” rates our military power as “weak” which is down from the previous year’s rating of “marginal.” The report indicates that the current U.S. military force is at significant risk of not being able to meet the demands of a single major regional conflict.

“It most likely would not be able to do more and is certainly ill-equipped to handle two nearly simultaneous MRCs.”

Commander of US Strategic Command, Admiral Charles Richard, stated that when it comes to America’s ability to deter China, “the ship is slowly sinking.” He added, “it is sinking, as fundamentally they are putting capability into the field faster than we are.”

Below comparison of recruitment videos that begin with Russia, and moves to the U.S., China, and finally, Britain.