Another Attack! Watch As Crazed Liberal Tries To Burn Down GOP Building

In Eureka, California a man was arrested on numerous charges including attempted arson of the Republican Party of Humboldt headquarters. On Saturday, February 8th police responded to the building after a report of a man smashing windows.

Officers quickly found the man and the suspect fled however after a short pursuit he was taken into custody. Found on his person was a “Trump” political flag and the bicycle he was riding had a “Bernie” political sticker displayed on it.

Police say that 43-year-old Michael Valls was taken into custody after a brief struggle and was found to be in possession of items connecting him to the vandalism that occurred at the GOP headquarters.

At the scene where the vandalism took place, Police found the main front-facing windows were smashed by thrown rocks. A “Trump” flag that was missing was found on Valls possession.

What was most concerning is that inside the building police discovered a liquid chemical. Humboldt Bay Fire responded to the location and determined that the liquid was flammable. Police did gather samples of the liquid from the scene and video surveillance confirmed Valls as the culprit.

Valls was arrested and booked into the Humboldt County jail for attempted arson, burglary, felony vandalism, resisting arrest and providing a false name.

According to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility Valls was being held in lieu of $25,000 cash bail, however, the next day he was bailed out.

This was one of two known, politically motivated attacks that occurred over the weekend.

The second occurred in Jacksonville, Florida when a man purposely drove his van into a tent of Trump supporters attempting to register people to vote. The mainstream media is ignoring these attacks we ask you would please share this post and let others know what’s really going on! Please stay safe out there!

In the video below you will see the suspect throw rocks and dump some type of liquid into the building.