Another Biden Lie Exposed: The Last Free Zone in Afghanistan Is Fighting For Their Lives & Joe Has Abandoned Them Too

Roughly 62 miles north-east of Kabul, is the Panjshir province of Afghanistan, they are last free province in the country.

Panjshir, translates to Five Lions from Persia, the area has never been conquered and remains a liberated zone.

As the Afghanistan president fled with millions of dollars, the vice president Amrulla Saleh rallied a resistance to halt the Taliban.

The province has put together an anti-Taliban coalition.

There are also reports that Afghan soldiers are escaping to Panjshir to help mount a resistance and fortify the province.

Panjshir never fell to the Soviets and it is now holding out against the Taliban.

The province of Panjshir is surrounded by Taliban strongholds however, they seem committed to form a resistance.

Joe Biden claimed that the people of Afghanistan refused to defend their country and that is only a half truth. Biden pulled out the contractors that serviced the country’s air force thereby grounding their air force. Biden basically called many of the people in Afghanistan cowards and is forsaking those that are mounting a resistance.

Even when Obama decided to pull out of Iraq he still allowed US forces to aid the Iraq’s and permitted special forces to work with the Iraqi military to fight ISIS. It was mayhem, many died, ISIS controlled a large portion of the country but even Obama didn’t flat out abandon the Iraqi’s. With US air support and assistance from special forces the Iraqi army began to beat back ISIS. Finally, the Trump administration went in and cleaned up Obama’s mess putting an end to ISIS.

American needed to leave Afghanistan but no one wanted American to leave like this.

It wasn’t like Biden didn’t know his own deadline. Joe could have kept troops at Bagram airfield removed all US civilians and those with visas meanwhile allowing the Air Force to support the local military. After we get are people out the Afghan military would be on their own but at least we wouldn’t have a disaster on our hands.

Instead, Biden just up and left leaving thousands of Americans stranded.


India Today