Another Democrat Arrested On Election Fraud Charges In Swing State

A former staffer for a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania City Council member Marie Beren, 67, is being accused of falsifying votes by federal authorities.

The charges stem from a larger case involving Democrat former Rep. Michael Myers now a political consultant.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Starting in 2010, Beren also effectively presided over two other divisions — the 11th and 16th — when their polling places were combined at Seafarer’s Union Hall at Fourth and Shunk Streets.

And though she stepped down in 2015 to become a certified poll watcher, prosecutors said she recruited her successor and other polling place staff and effectively still maintained control over voting for all three divisions.

This allowed her to pad votes for “various federal, state and local candidates for election” at Myers’ request, prosecutors said.

Myers, the court filings say, would drive her to the polling site on Election Day and advise her which candidates should have their vote totals padded. Prosecutors say Beren, in turn, steered people at the polls to vote for those candidates or added them herself in the name of people she knew were unlikely to show up to vote.

Meyers sometimes directed Beren in the middle of Election Day to shift her efforts from one of Myers’ preferred candidates to another if Myers “concluded that his first choice was comfortably ahead,” authorities said.

Beren also allowed voters at the polling place to cast ballots for relatives who did not plan to vote and encouraged them to support Myers’ candidates, prosecutors contend.

Federal prosecutors have not revealed if Beren’s alleged activity was able to alter the results of any elections. Prosecutors do claim that Beren did pad votes for “various federal, state and local candidates for elections.”

Federal prosecutors have also not disclosed which candidates Beren is accused of helping or what the results of those elections where.

Philadelphia Inquirer