Another Huge Announcement Whittles Away At Biden, He Is Hemorrhaging Black Voters

It’s starting to look like Biden peaked too soon and the hits just keep coming his way.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is hemorrhaging black voters.

Rapper Lil Pump made a huge announcement to his 17 million followers on Instagram that he supports President Trump.

Warning Strong Adult Language.

“All I gotta say is Trump 2020 bitch” he said. “Fuck I look like paying a extra 33 is tax for Biden, bitch ass nigga. Fuck sleepy Joe … Trump 2020 bitch,” the rapper Lil Pump said in a brief but boisterous video endorsement.

Lil Pump’s endorsement follows rapper 50cent endorsing President Trump as well. New York City taxpayers making more than $400,000 like 50 Cent, would pay a combined state and local income tax rate of more than 60% under a Biden tax plan.

Popular radio host, Charlamagne tha God, who says he’s voting for Senator Kamala Harris instead of Joe Biden told CNN’s Don Lemon he understands why young black voters support the President.

“When it comes to black people you see who maybe are showing support for Trump, I think it’s because Trump is actually talking to young black male voters. He’s directing ads toward them. They are a group that never get courted,” he said. “Black people don’t get courted either as a whole. But that old Democratic regime speaks to old black men and they think everybody else in the black community and black families are going to fall in line.”

“Trump is targeting young black males in promos and marketing. It works,” Charlamagne said.

Democrats and liberals chuckled in the spring when the Trump campaign announced they were opening centers in urban areas; who’s laughing now?

Charlamagne said that having Kamala on the ticket helps, “because I’m gonna be honest with you, Don, I’m just so tired of like old white male leadership in politics.”

The polling site FiveThirtyEight discovered that young black voters view President Trump differently than older African Americans.

A report found that 35% of young blacks 18-29 years old don’t like his policies but love the President’s style and his battle against the political establishment.

The challenge for the Trump campaign is to get that 35% to the polls by Election Day.

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