Antifa Has Forced A Prominent Conservative Journalist To Flee The USA For His Own Safety (VIDEO)

If it wasn’t for conservative journalist Andy Ngo and his network of independent journalists American would not have known Antifa was behind the summer riots of 2020. 

Using his twitter account, Andy Ngo published videos and identified Antifa leaders that were causing the violence. 

As a result, Ngo began receiving death threats and he was being harassed. During an interview with Sky News Ngo explained that “for an number of months now there’s just been increasing threats of violence against me, promises by Antifa extremists to kill me. All those threats were reported to authorities, and even when I provided names of some of the suspects, nothing was done. So, it’s pained me a lot to temporarily [have] to leave the country and home that settled my parents, who came there as political refugees.”

Ngo has fled to Englad.

Ngo has recently been targeted by the New York Times (which should be a badge of honor), editorial board member Sarah Jeong said Ngo is “dangerous” and a “very real threat.” 

She’s right, Ngo blew the lid off the medias narrative that the protests over the summer were “peaceful.” If it wasn’t for Ngo America wouldn’t have known that far-left wing activists were behind the repeated unrest in Portland and Seattle. 

Antifa has also bully Portland’s infamous Powell’s Books into not selling Ngo’s latests book. The store had already promised Antifa they would not stock it on shelves or promote but, that wasn’t enough. Antifa is demanding the bookstore remove the book from their website as well. 

From the UK Ngo continues to work with his network of journalists to root out Antifa activities.

The Blaze