AOC Comments On Trump

It seems that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is in desperate need of some perspective. The far-left congresswoman recently appeared in a video lamenting over the possibility of a second term for President Donald Trump. In a dramatic and slightly hysterical tone, AOC argued that another Trump presidency would mean the end of American democracy.

According to AOC, the mere thought of Trump being re-elected is no laughing matter. She went so far as to say that it’s not a game, as if anyone thought it was. And her reasoning for this apocalyptic prediction? Well, it all stems from the events of January 6th, when Trump – in her words – tried to “overturn the results of a presidential election by force.”

But AOC didn’t stop there. She was also asked about the concerns over President Biden’s age and declining mental fitness. And instead of addressing these valid concerns, she decided to deflect by pointing out that Trump is only four years younger than Biden.

As if that weren’t enough, she then brings up Trump’s 91 indictments, completely ignoring the fact that Biden has faced numerous accusations of corruption and questionable behavior throughout his career.

Clearly, AOC is grasping at straws here. She knows that the American people have serious doubts about Biden’s capabilities as a leader, so she resorts to distracting and fear-mongering tactics. Meanwhile, she conveniently ignores the fact that Biden himself has been accused of inappropriate behavior and even sexual assault.

AOC’s comments only serve to highlight the left’s obsession with Trump. Even when trying to talk about someone else, they can’t help but bring up the former president. It’s almost as if they have nothing else to talk about.

But perhaps the most ironic part of AOC’s statement is her claim that we need to “protect our democracy and ideally it’s going to be on progressive values.” Sorry, AOC, but democracy is about allowing the people to choose their leaders, not forcing your own beliefs onto them.

Given the ongoing crisis at the southern border, rising inflation and gas prices, and a whole host of other issues, it’s safe to say that “progressive values” are not exactly a guarantee of a successful presidency.

AOC’s fear-mongering and deflection tactics only serve to show just how out of touch she and her fellow Democrats really are. Despite her dire predictions, democracy will continue to thrive, with or without their “progressive values.” And as for Trump, well he may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but at least he’s not afraid to stand up for America.

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