AOC Makes Drastic Threat Against Tucker Carlson – Watch

New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) has threatened to hold Fox News host Tucker Carlson accountable for “incitement of violence” if he continues to spread misinformation about the January 6th Capitol riot.

In a tweet on Monday, AOC wrote, “I’m going to hold Tucker Carlson accountable for inciting violence. If he continues to spread misinformation about January 6th, I will be calling on the DOJ to investigate him for incitement of violence.” She also called for government regulations that would remove Carlson and others she disagrees with from the air.

AOC’s threat comes after Carlson aired a segment on his show last week in which he claimed that the January 6th riot was “a false flag operation” orchestrated by the FBI. Carlson also claimed that the rioters were “peaceful patriots” who were “standing up for their rights.”

AOC’s threat has been met with criticism from some conservatives, who have accused her of trying to silence Carlson’s free speech. However, AOC has defended her threat, saying that she is simply trying to hold Carlson accountable for his words.

“Tucker Carlson has a platform that reaches millions of people,” AOC said in a statement. “He has a responsibility to use that platform responsibly and to not spread misinformation that could incite violence.”

Many in the Democratic Party at least try to cover up their tyrannical instincts by beating around the bush, but Ocasio-Cortez just comes out and owns her fascism.

It is unclear whether the DOJ will investigate Carlson for incitement of violence. However, AOC’s threat is a reminder of the growing tensions between the left and the right in the United States.

The left has accused the right of spreading misinformation and inciting violence, while the right has accused the left of trying to silence free speech. These tensions are likely to continue to escalate in the years to come.