And Here It Is: Proof AOC Is A Walking Hypocrisy

How many times have we heard from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that capitalism is evil?

Or how many times has she attacked our economic infrastructure claiming it only benefits white people?

It’s not like a woman who is a minority, a former bartender could pull themself up by their bootstrap and become a congresswoman…oh wait… hold on it gets better.

She has opened a store and is selling merchandise, AOC is branding herself and the Green New Deal. Last I checked this is good old fashion capitalism.

I also found it absolutely hilarious that she is selling a “Tax The Rich” sweatshirt for $58, not including shipping. What’s even more comical (and disturbing) is that she sold out of them.


First of all, who the heck has $60 to buy a sweatshirt!?

The people that she wants to tax, that’s who.

The hypocrisy here may be even greater than the California officials that keep getting caught breaking their own coronavirus restrictions.

At the bottom of the website, it says that the store is paid for by her campaign.

I wonder if all those people that can afford a $60 sweatshirt, helping AOC’s campaign understand what’s going to happen to them if her policies are put in place.

So tax Democrats like Joe Biden?

The woman is actually a great example of the American dream. Granted she grew up in a nice neighborhood but, she went to college, scrapped as a bartender, and is now a congresswoman.

Of course, now that she’s gotten to the top of America’s “systemically racists” system she wants to create rules to radical change what got her to the top.

And to top it off, she’ll engage in some good old fashion capitalism to squeeze more money out of her devotees.