AOC Is Getting Roasted After Video From Inside Her Building Disproves Her ‘Near Death’ Claims During Capitol Riot

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not having a good.

Earlier this week AOC posted an emotional Instagram live video that claimed she almost died during the Capitol riot however, she gave no details about her near death experience. AOC compared her experience during the unrest to a sexual assault that happened to her earlier in life and started to cry.

However, there is a big problem with AOC’s story, first it doesn’t match the official timeline in court documents, or the timeline reported by the Washington Post. Second, video of the so called traumatic evacuation tells a different story.

What set things of was when OANN reporter Jack Posobiec pointed out that AOC’s office is not near the Capitol building and he posted a map to show where she actually was.

The the picture below shows AOC’s actual position.

AOC shot back at Posobiec and said, “Your arrows aren’t accurate. They lie about where the mob stormed & place them further away than it was. You also fail to the convey *multiple* areas people were trying to storm. It wasn’t 1. You also failed to show tunnels. Poor job all around.”

She claimed people were trying to breach the doors and get into her building.

She also claimed to be surrounded by bombs.

So about those tunnels, below is an actual video of the evacuation and notice the time on the post below because that’s important later on when we review the timeline.

I don’t see any SWAT teams or people trying to breach the area, do you?

Explosive devices were found outside the headquarters of the DNC and RNC.

Fifteen minutes after the above video was posted Capitol Police “revised” the evacuation due to what was occurring at the Capitol. What’s great is that this is all time stamped because reporters were posting in real time.

Lastly, AOC’s tale doesn’t match the timeline of what actually occurred. Independent journalist Tim Pool lays it out.


After being fact checked #AlexandriaOcasioSmollet was trending number #1 on Twitter, she is getting roasted for fabricating her experience.