Arizona Democrats Thought They Were Throwing Shade on Kari Lake, But It’s Sounds Pretty Good!

The Democratic Party thought they were going to lash out at Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and make her look really bad. But what they ended up doing was making her look pretty awesome, especially to her constituents. 

The information about Lake appeared in a mailing sent out to Voters in Arizona. It should have been filled with standard opposition research done by the Arizona Democratic Party along with reasons everyone should vote for Democratic candidate Katie Hobbs. 

The glossy ad attempted to list reasons the Democratic Party believes that Lake is an extremist. They use three bullet points on positions Lake has supposedly taken, but instead of them being “bullets,” they seem like flowers!

Their first attack came saying that Lake wants to take away Medicare and Social Security benefits from people who’ve paid into it their entire careers.

But, wait a minute, how can a state governor do anything with a federal program? This is coming from some strange article that states that Lake wants to take her state out of the union!

Another of the Democrat’s bullets said that Lake’s plan would mean there was no one to operate our airports or secure our border. Military bases, courthouses, and prisons would close and Arizona would be left with massive tax increases.

Well, other than this just being crazy and nowhere near anything that Lake has proposed, the truth is that Arizona has already been addressing its own border issues because the government is nowhere to be found. 

Their 3rd bullet is the best, it says that Lake would allow anyone, without restrictions, to own rocket launchers – putting the safety of our communities at risk.

That sounds like a plan to lure multitudes of people to relocate!

To summarize, the Arizona Democratic Party believes Kari Lake wants to fire the Feds, have Arizona pull out of the United States, and distribute rocket launchers to the citizens without restrictions. 

Doesn’t sound too bad, does it?