Arizona Seeing Surge

In recent days, an isolated area of the Arizona border has been flooded with a surge of primarily adult male migrants from various countries in Africa and the Middle East. This surge comes on the heels of record numbers of illegal crossings in the Tucson Sector, with nearly 3,000 encounters in a single day and a staggering 17,500 in one week.

Fox News was on-site at the border town of Lukeville, Arizona, where Customs and Border Protection (CBP) were forced to shut down the local port of entry due to the overwhelming influx of migrants. Fox footage showed a scene of hundreds of single military-aged men crowding against the border wall, waiting to be processed into the United States. Notably, there was not a single woman or child among them.

Among the large group of migrants, there were numerous Africans from countries such as Senegal, Guinea, Mauritania, and Egypt, as well as individuals from the Middle East and Asia. One man told Fox News that he paid a smuggler $10,000 to travel from Mauritania through Colombia, while another man from Guinea revealed his plan to head to New York City if he were released into the U.S.

The Tucson Sector, which typically sees less traffic than other areas like the Rio Grande Valley, has seen a historic surge in recent weeks. This has sparked concern and outrage from local lawmakers, with Rep. Juan Ciscomani of Arizona calling for the deployment of the state’s National Guard to the border. In a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Ciscomani stressed the urgent need for support, stating that the situation has reached a breaking point for those on the frontlines.

In an effort to address the crisis, CBP has surged additional resources and personnel to the Tucson Sector and is using expedited removal as an alternative to releasing migrants into the U.S. The Biden administration has also promised to increase the use of expedited removals and has requested $14 billion in supplemental funding from Congress for border operations. However, negotiations in Congress are ongoing, with Republicans seeking stricter asylum standards and limits on the administration’s use of humanitarian parole.

The ongoing crisis at the border has led to heightened tensions between Democrats and Republicans, with each side blaming the other for the situation. The Biden administration has called for comprehensive immigration reform, including a sweeping amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants. However, Republicans have rejected this proposal and introduced their own bill, which focuses on increasing border security while restricting asylum and humanitarian parole.

Meanwhile, the border remains in a state of chaos, with records being broken at every turn. In fiscal year 2023, there were over 2.4 million migrant encounters, setting a new record. Recently, September and October also saw record highs for encounters at the southern border, with over 240,000 encounters in October alone.

As the situation continues to escalate, the men and women of Border Patrol are facing immense challenges and putting their lives on the line every day. With no end in sight, it is clear that swift and effective action is needed to address the crisis at the Arizona border and prevent further harm to both migrants and the security of the United States.