As Joe Flounders Michelle Obama Dips Her Toe In The Water

Former first lady Michelle Obama has dipped her toe in the water as Joe Biden’s approval ratings continue to drop.

Obama recently penned a letter and published it in the New York Times as an ad.

“We’ve got to vote like the future of our democracy depends on it,” she wrote. “We stand united in our conviction to organize and turn out voters in the 2022 midterm elections, and make our democracy work for all of us.”

The former first lady said that her organization When We All Vote is planning to “recruit and train at least 100,000 volunteers” and “register more than a million new voters.”

“Generations of Americans have persevered through poll taxes, literacy tests, and laws designed to strip away their power — and they’ve done it by organizing, by protesting, and most importantly, by overcoming the barriers in front of them in order to vote. And now, we’ve got to do the same,” Obama wrote.
Obama added: “We must give Congress no choice but to act decisively to protect the right to vote and make the ballot box more accessible for everyone.”
Michelle published her letter as rumors swirl that Hillary Clinton is looking into taking another stab at running for president.
Hillary is looking to ride in on a horse to save the Democrats after the midterms however, she’s probably about as unpopular as Kamala.
Polling shows that Democrats are about to get their clocks cleaned and focus group research is showing that they are out of touch.
Liberals were shocked when a left-wing super PAC found that one of their focus groups were turned off by Democrats’ behavior during the anniversary of January 6th.