Biden Is Hopping On A Plane & Making A Run For It As The Country Falls Apart

While parents struggle to find formula, food costs increase, and gasoline prices continue to break records Joe is making a run for it.

On Friday Joe is making a run for it and is going on tour in Asia.

The President will be making a stop in South Korea to meet with President Yoon Suk-yeol and then will travel to Japan, India, and Australia.

Biden is hoping to reassure allies who are nervous about China and the rumor that in the fall of 2022 they may invade Taiwan.

If I was in Asia I would be freaking out because every time Biden says He’s going to do something it always gets worse.Β 

Rather than deal will the problems at home the administration has decided to get out of dodge and put their head in the sand.

There is no indication of how many public appearances Joe will make especially after he struggled on May 19 to keep his thoughts on track.

It’s not just Biden’s cognitive decline that is the problem, his administration is falling apart because nobody believes them.

Even the Democrats in the Senate are running out of answers.

With their policies leaving America in shambles MSNBC pundits considering arresting conservatives.