Audio Tapes Out Of Arizona Are Making Headlines

In a shocking audio recording obtained by, it appears that the top Arizona Republican official, Jeff DeWit, attempted to bribe popular conservative figure Kari Lake to stay out of the state’s Senate race.

The 10-minute clip captures DeWit offering Lake various incentives to not run for office, including a job offer from a powerful company and a promise to go back to her previous occupation after two years. Lake, a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump and a potential 2024 vice-presidential pick, firmly rejects his offer, stating that she would not be bought for any amount of money.

DeWit, who was appointed as NASA’s chief financial officer by the Trump administration, also suggests that his efforts to keep Lake out of the race are not about control or agenda, but purely about the ability to raise money and win. This raises concerns about the true motivations behind DeWit’s actions and who may be pulling the strings.

The audio revelation has caused an uproar within the Arizona Republican Party, with calls for DeWit to step down as state party chairman. Maricopa County Republican Committee Chairman Craig Berland has even demanded that DeWit resign if the allegations are true, stating that this behavior is unacceptable for someone in such a high position of leadership.

In the recording, DeWit can be heard asking Lake to keep the conversation between them and not to disclose it to anyone else. This further adds to the suspicion that there may be ulterior motives behind DeWit’s actions. If what he was doing was truly in the best interest of the Republican Party, why the need for secrecy?

Furthermore, DeWit’s actions raise questions about the future of the party and its direction. Are traditional Republicans trying to push out the newer, more populist and outspoken figures like Lake? Or is this simply a power play by those who want to maintain control over the party and its resources?