AZ Gov. Demands Biden Reimburse State for Border Expenses

Arizona Governor Asks President Biden for Federal Reimbursement of Over $500 Million for Costs Associated with Illegal Immigration

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs has requested that President Joe Biden reimburse the state for over $500 million in expenses related to illegal immigration. In a letter sent to the White House last week, Hobbs highlighted the strain that the influx of illegal immigrants has put on the state’s resources and asked for federal support.

The governor’s office estimates that since January 2021, there has been a significant increase in illegal immigration at the United States-Mexico border. This has resulted in a financial burden on the state of Arizona, which has had to bear the costs of housing and providing basic necessities to the arriving migrants.

Hobbs is not the first Democrat governor to request a bailout from the federal government due to the surge in illegal immigration. New York Governor Kathy Hochul, and mayors of sanctuary cities like New York City’s Eric Adams and Chicago’s Brandon Johnson have all asked for billions in federal aid to deal with the strain of illegal immigration. However, none of them have demanded a stop to the inflow of migrants.

In her letter to President Biden, Hobbs highlighted that it is the federal government’s responsibility to manage and control the nation’s borders. She also expressed the need for regular reimbursements from the federal government for ongoing border operations.

Despite requesting reimbursement, Hobbs did not call on the White House to stop the influx of illegal immigrants. This is a sentiment shared by other Democrat governors and mayors who have complained about the financial burden but have not asked for a halt to the arrivals.

However, in October, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker acknowledged that illegal immigration is causing an “enormous strain” on the state’s taxpayers. He too did not ask for a stop to the inflow but instead requested the federal government to provide more foreign workers for job opportunities.

The ongoing surge in illegal immigration has put a strain not just on border states like Arizona, but also on the rest of the country. In addition to the financial burden, there are concerns about the safety and security of communities where illegal immigrants are being placed.

Governor Hobbs and other Democrat leaders are now calling on the federal government to take responsibility and provide support to the states affected by the influx of illegal immigrants. It remains to be seen if President Biden will respond to these requests and take action to address the issue at the source. In the meantime, states like Arizona are continuing to bear the costs and impact of illegal immigration on their communities.