Officials Summoned, Ballot Audit Uncovers ‘Discrepancies’

Officials who are conducting the Maricopa County ballot audit have found suspicious activity and will now have to explain themselves.

Audit officials discovered that a directory full of election databases from the 2020 elections cycle was deleted just days before being delivered officials. The deletion of the databases has spoiled evidence.

Maricopa county election officials have now been summoned to appear before the state senate to explain why the databases were deleted and who deleted them.

Audit officials are also uncovering “significant discrepancies” in the number of ballots and the batch reports included in the boxes.

Maricopa County officials are also in hot water because they are still refusing to turn over subpoenaed equipment and passwords.

Republicans in the Senate has stated that any findings in the audit will not change the election results however, they want to use the audit to restore faith in the election system.

Democrats have continuously attempted to stop the ballot audit however have been unsuccessful.

The meeting between Maricopa County officials and the Arizona State Senate is scheduled for May 18th and will be open for public viewing via live stream.

You can also click here and watch the ballot audit take place live.