Biden Attends State Dinner in France, Celebrate ‘long’ Friendship With US

Let’s take a closer look at President Biden’s recent state visit to France, which was filled with pomp, ceremony, and a fair share of perplexing moments.

The weekend kicked off with President Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron celebrating the longstanding alliance between their nations. “We are allies. We will remain allies. And these are the values, which 80 years down the road, keep us together,” Macron declared during his toast at the state dinner. This was part of a series of events commemorating the 80th anniversary of D-Day, a significant occasion for both countries.

The day began with a grand ceremony at the Arc de Triomphe, followed by a military parade leading to the Élysée Palace, where Biden and Macron held official meetings. The evening was capped off with a lavish state dinner hosted by Macron and his wife, Brigitte, at the palace, celebrating the “long and deep friendship” between the two nations.

But amidst the formalities, there were several curious and, frankly, awkward moments. For instance, President Biden, in his remarks, shared that he sees himself as a “son of the American Revolution” and hinted at possible French ancestry due to his middle name. These claims, adding to his already colorful backstory, left some scratching their heads.

Meanwhile, First Lady Jill Biden encountered her own challenges. Her dress, featuring an unusually long white train, seemed to cause her some trouble as she navigated through the evening’s events, looking somewhat out of place.

And then there were the more unsettling moments. During a visit to historical sites and while meeting veterans, President Biden was seen blowing his nose before shaking hands with veterans—a sight that didn’t sit well with onlookers. Observers also noted his peculiar arm movements, which seemed unusual as he walked.

The confusion didn’t end there. As Biden exited his car to approach a red carpet, he seemed disoriented, extending his arms as if to shake hands with someone who wasn’t there. He looked puzzled until Jill Biden reappeared to take his hand and lead him onto the red carpet.

Adding to the confusion, there was an incident where Brigitte Macron had to direct President Biden on where to go. At one point, he appeared lost, looking around in a brief moment of panic until a French military official stepped in to guide him. Jill Biden, seemingly unconcerned, continued ahead without looking back.

These incidents have raised eyebrows and questions about Biden’s fitness, leaving critics to wonder about his capability to lead. While his supporters may dismiss these moments, they undeniably paint a picture of a president who, at times, appears bewildered and out of sync.