Behar Comments On Report

Hello everyone! Today, we dive into a fiery discussion that recently unfolded on “The View,” where co-host Joy Behar didn’t hold back on her thoughts about Christians supporting former President Donald Trump.

This conversation sparked as the panel debated new legislation in Louisiana mandating the display of the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms. Buckle up because this one is intense!

The segment kicked off with host Sara Haines expressing her concerns about the legislation. “This would be concerning to me. Not because the message is bad. Put it into your own words. Hang things about being good to people. I don’t need my young child asking about adultery on the way home from school,” she remarked. Haines highlighted the potential discomfort and confusion such displays could cause for young students.

Then, Joy Behar stepped in with her signature sharp tongue. “They want to post this in schools. I say post this at Mar-a-Lago and put a picture of Stormy Daniels right next to it,” Behar quipped, referencing the former adult film star involved in a scandal with Trump. This bold statement set the tone for the rest of the conversation.

To add fuel to the fire, the segment included a television ad by the Lincoln Project, targeting Trump’s moral contradictions. The ad juxtaposed Trump’s various comments about the Bible with scenes from his Manhattan trial, ending with a call to “make America pray again.” The irony wasn’t lost on the hosts, especially Behar.

“You know he has broken 11 commandments, and there’s a waitlist. I mean, this guy has gone above and beyond, and yet these Christians now, these so-called Christians, now are going to vote for him,” Behar scoffed. Her sarcasm underscored her disbelief and frustration with the situation.

Haines, offering her perspective, stated, “I’m a Christian, and I’m not voting for him.” This prompted a unified agreement among the panel members, emphasizing their shared stance.

Behar continued, “I know that about you, and I don’t think anyone on this panel is voting for him. But they’re out there. It just seems ironic that he’s broken every law of every commandment, and they think he’s the one to vote for. What’s the matter with everybody?”