Because Why Not: Humiliated Dems Now Trying To Blame This Republican Over Iowa Chaos

After the humiliation of completely screwing up the Iowa Caucus Democrats are now trying to lay blame at the feet at Republicans.

The CEO of the company Sadow Inc. apologized on Tuesday after the app his company created failed on Monday night throwing the Iowa Caucus into chaos.

“I’m really disappointed that some of our technology created an issue that made the caucus difficult,” he said, adding: “We feel really terrible about that.”

“The app was sound and good,” he continued. “All the data that was produced by calculations performed by the app was correct. It did the job it was supposed to do, which is help precinct chairs in the field do the math correctly. The problem was caused by a bug in the code that transmits results data into the state party’s data warehouse.”

“Yes, it was anticipate-able,” he continued. “Yes, we put in measures to test it. Yes, it still failed. And we own that.”

The app was a complete train wreck, so who do liberal Democrats want to blame for their failed app that received most of its funding from George Soros? Republicans of course, and one in particular…Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The liberal magazine Mother Jones with almost no information at the time posted that this failure was all McConnell’s fault. The magazine posted, “Let’s not forget: Mitch McConnell has steadfastly refused to allow meaningful election security legislation to reach the Senate floor while stymieing most related funding, arguing new laws or mandates would be an overstep of federal power.”

What they didn’t know was that DHS offered to test the app and Shadow Inc declined.

During an interview on Fox and Friends Tuesday, acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said, “[We] had offered to test that app from a hacking perspective. They declined, and so, we’re seeing a couple of issues with it. I would say, right now, we don’t see any malicious cyber activity going on.”

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