Biden Admin Busted! Altering Florida Data To Fuel Their Attacks

The Biden run CDC has found themselves in hot water after they altered the daily case numbers in Florida.

On August 8, 2021, the Biden run CDC reported that Florida had a record 28,317 new cases.

However, the report was incorrect, the CDC combined three days of cases. In response to the report the Florida Department of Health posted the correct data.

“The daily case counts for Florida currently posted on the CDC COVID Tracker are incorrect. The current listing states 28,317. The accurate data are as follows: Friday, August 6: 21,500 Saturday August 7: 19,567 Sunday, August 8: 15,319 The 3 day average: 18,795,” they wrote.

Local media outlets used the CDC’s false report to attack Florida Governor Ron DeSantis:

The Florida Department of health reminded everyone that the sate reports two or three days of data at a time.

Below is a screen shot showing that as of the writing of this post the CDC has not corrected their misinformation.