Biden Administration Sues Arizona for Trying to Clean Up President’s Border Mess

The Biden Administration will not take any responsibility for the chaos at the southern border and the president said that he has more important things to do than visit the mess that he has made. But when a state tries to clean up the president’s mess, his administration promptly sues them.

That is what happened this week with the Biden administration and the state of Arizona. 

Arizona constructed a border wall out of shipping containers this year to try and stop the influx of illegal immigrants. 

The lawsuit against them was filed in federal court in Arizona and it alleges that the shipping containers trespass federal lands that the state is not authorized to use. Officials in the government argue that the wall threatens public safety and stops law enforcement from carrying out their duties. 

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) signed an executive order to have shipping containers placed along the border to close gaps in the wall. Biden’s lawsuit alleges that this violates the U.S. Constitution. 

Arizona’s governor-elect, Democrat Katie Hobbs, claimed this wall was a waste of tax dollars. 

“Look, as a border state, Arizona has certainly borne the brunt of decades of inaction from both parties in Washington. We need real action on immigration reform. We need real border security,” Hobbs said during her campaign. 

“But in the meantime, you know, a lot of things Governor Ducey has done, putting migrants on buses to Washington, D.C., placing shipping containers at the border, are really political stunts at the expense of taxpayer dollars where we could really be using those dollars where they are meaningful, providing meaningful relief in border communities that are feeling the effects of crime at the border,” she claimed.

Can we please see any plan for those dollars that will work better than the shipping containers? The hypocrisy of it all.