Joe Is Useless Without His Precious Flashcards, Another Epic Brain Fart (VIDEO)

President Joe Biden is a hot mess and he is useless without his precious flashcards. 

The man who couldn’t wait to give then-president Obama all the credit for killing Osama Bin Laden and eagerly bragged who did it seemingly forgot his name mid-sentence. 

“We went for two reasons. One, to… …. …. … … bring Osama bin Laden to the Gates of Hell. The second reason was to eliminate al Qaeda’s capacity to deal with more attacks in the United States from that territory. We accomplished both of those objectives,” said Biden.


Whatever Biden has now appears to be contagious because Kamala is getting in on the gaffe act now. The Vice President is being ridiculed after she claimed that rural Americans can’t make photocopies because they don’t “have Kinkos.”

These people are so detached from reality and regular Americans it’s ridiculous.

I think it’s possible that the Biden administration may actually be more disconnected from reality than Hillary Clinton and that is a feat in and of itself.