Biden Campaign Is In Legal Hot Water After Vicious Attack On Kyle Rittenhouse

Regardless of your opinion of Kyle Rittenhouse, this is America and you are innocent until proven guilty. The Biden campaign not only took that away from Rittenhouse they may have just interfered with Kyle’s right to a fair trial.

Rittenhouse attorney, Lin Wood flipped out when the Biden campaign called Kyle a white supremacist and militia member who is responsible for the violence in Kenosha.

“Formal demand for public retraction is being prepared for Biden/Harris Campaign on behalf of Kyle Rittenhouse,” wrote Lin Wood. “I also hereby demand that @JoeBiden immediately retract his false accusation that Kyle is a white supremacist & militia member responsible for violence in Kenosha.”

Marina Medvin, a writer for Townhall, ripped the Biden campaign for interfering with Kyle’s right to a fair trial.

What the Biden campaign did is considered defamation. Even the NYT’s analysis of the video said that Rittenhouse fired in self-defense.

The Biden campaign better get ready because Lin Wood won a defamation case against the Washington Post and CNN. Defamation cases are extremely hard to win especially against the press who have 1st Amendment rights. What the Biden campaign just did is going to be a walk in the park for Wood and could cause a mistrial in the criminal case.

To me what Biden just did is enter into the same type of propaganda we see from Antifa and the far left.