Biden Cancels More Student Loan Debt

It seems like the Biden administration can’t stop playing fast and loose with the law, as yet again they have chosen to ignore a Supreme Court ruling and canceled the student loan debts of over 74,000 borrowers. This brings the total number of lucky individuals who have had their loans wiped clean by the Biden administration to a whopping 3.7 million. And how, you may ask, is this being justified? By citing a 2003 act meant for emergencies during times of war or national crisis.

But let’s not forget that the Supreme Court already struck down Biden’s previous attempt at mass student loan forgiveness, ruling it as unconstitutional as it had not been approved by Congress. Yet, here we are again, with the Biden administration arrogantly flouting the rule of law and unilaterally altering the economy. It’s clear that the Biden administration will stop at nothing to push its radical agenda, even if it means trampling over our highest court.

President Biden himself had the audacity to claim that his administration is acting within the law, and that they have made “fixes” to the student loan system in order to provide relief to these borrowers. But these so-called fixes are simply a smokescreen to hide the fact that the Biden administration is once again overreaching and abusing its power.

The Supreme Court has made it crystal clear that the HEROES Act does not authorize such loan forgiveness, and yet the Biden administration continues to push its agenda in the face of the law.

And let’s not forget the Supreme Court’s own words, stating that the Secretary’s power to “modify” does not permit major changes, but rather only minor ones. It’s clear that the Biden administration’s actions would result in “basic and fundamental changes” to the system, something that is not within their power to do.

Yet, President Biden states with confidence that he will continue to pursue alternative paths to grant loan forgiveness to “as many borrowers as possible.” It’s almost comical how they try to sugarcoat their illegal actions.

But what’s truly concerning is that this is just the latest in a series of lawless actions by the Biden administration. From their disregard for immigration laws to their constant attempts at attacking our Second Amendment rights, it seems like they have no respect for the rule of law. It’s almost as if they believe they are above the law and can do whatever they please. It’s high time that someone put a stop to this lawlessness and held the Biden administration accountable for their actions. If we continue on this path, we will be left with a broken system and a government that is not held accountable for its actions.