More Alarming Language Found In Biden’s OSHA Rule

A Doctor in Melbourne Australia was shocked when officials from the health department showed up at his practice after he allegedly refused to turn over private patient health information.

“I have just been invaded by seven authorised officers from the Department of Health and they have seized my confidential patient files and my appointment book and various other documents. They say they are going to give me an itemised list of what they’ve taken. And there was quite an intimidating experience. I think they’ve gone now…” said Dr Mark Hobart. “They just came here to seize files […] they all just came in and started walking around.”

“Authorised Officers” are consider a person who has been appointed by a government department or agency to perform certain compliance and enforcement duties.

The officials did not have a warrant and told the doctor “there is no such thing as patient confidentiality under the news laws.”

The Victorian Government then banned patients from entering his practice because he refused to surrender private patient files to the government without a warrant.

“I don’t feel comfortable with giving out people’s medical information,” replied Dr Hobart.

Hobart was also issued with a cease and desist order barring him from treating his patients face to face.

One of the authorised officers interrogated the desk clerk demanding to know if she was fully vaccinated and despite replying she was he demanded proof.

“The doctor has to supply that to me. He [Mark Hobart] has to supply proof that you’re double-vaxxed or you’ve got an exemption,” said the authorised officer.

Don’t think that can happen in America? Think again, Biden OSHA vaccine rule allows the government agency access to employees private medical records.

OSHA can “examine and copy each employee’s COVID-19 vaccine documentation” OSHA says it does not need “employee permission” to access “employee medical records.”

Should the rule survive in court the government will be allowed to have access to private medical records without a persons consent.

The Australiafication of America has begun.

Below are videos of the raid: