Watch: Biden & CDC Revise Summer Camp Guidelines

As even blue states like New Jersey ridding themselves of their mask orders and opening up Biden continues to apply pressure.

The Centers for Disease Control has “revised” their summer camp guidelines and it punishes kids whose parents choose not to vaccinate them.

According to the CDC fully vaccinated kids don’t need to wear masks or socially distance at summer camp for most activities.

What’s strange is that the revised guidelines don’t address all kids that go to summer camp, the vaccine is only for teens, the new guidelines seem to be more about political science than actual science.

A lot of parents are also pumping the breaks on vaccinating their teenagers after it was widely reported that the CDC is investigating heart problems occurring in young adults and teenagers who have received the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine.

From USA Today:

In a May 17 meeting, the group presented reports of the heart condition, called myocarditis, to the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices from safety data collected by the Department of Defense, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), and Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD).

The vaccine safety group says the “relatively few” reports of myocarditis “appear to be mild” and are below the expected baseline rates.

Among the cases, the heart condition appeared in adolescents and young adults, and more often in men than women. Symptoms typically appeared within four days after the second dose. Follow-up on the cases is ongoing, the work group said.

“It’s not common (in children) but neither is it a rare thing where its presence can be said to be definitively associated with the vaccine,” Dr. Lawrence Kleinman, professor and vice chair of the department of pediatrics at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School said.

Most states are terminating their mask orders but Biden just keeps pushing.

USA Today