Watch: Biden’s Loses It, Lashes Out In Confusion Trying To Answer Question Not On His List

What occurred during a Biden press event is exactly why the White House has to give Biden flashcards.

To start the press conference even Biden joked it was all theater.

However, as the press conference ended Biden was asked a question by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins off script and that caused him to lash out.

Before getting on Air Force One Biden apologized stating, “I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy with the last answer I gave.” When asked if he could answer a couple of questions he informed the media he isn’t allowed.

Then state TV jumped, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins said that she appreciated the apology but it wasn’t necessary. Who is she kidding! If President Trump talked to her like that we wouldn’t her the end of it for three weeks.

Below is a reminder that Biden seems to have anger issues when he gets frustrated.