Biden Concocts Slimy Way To Use Coronavirus To Boost Donations

For front runner Democrat presidential primary candidate Joe Biden the Wuhan virus is throwing a real big wrench into his plans.

Not only can he not campaign but his donation numbers have bottomed out. Social distancing has caused his campaign to cancel fundraising events “indefinitely,” and his campaign is trying to replace them with “virtual fundraisers.”

Beginning this week the former Vice President is going to try and play president by hosting daily shadow briefings to contradict the President and spread disinformation. As if that was not slimy enough you’ll be pointed to his webpage with his plan to deal with the coronavirus. But, when you arrive it simply asks you to donate.

The Biden campaign posted, “In times of uncertainty, we need strong, steady, stable leadership. Read more about Joe Biden’s plan to combat the coronavirus outbreak and how to prepare for future global health threats.”

Biden also announced to reporters on Friday that he will be holding daily shadow briefings to contradict the President and claim what he would do. The Politico reported:

Joe Biden is planning a regular shadow briefing on coronavirus to start as early as Monday to show how he would handle the crisis and address what he calls the lies and failures of President Trump.

“President Trump stop saying false things, will ya?” Biden said. “People are worried they are really frightened, when these things don’t come through. He just exacerbates their concern. Stop saying false things you think make you sound like a hero and start putting the full weight of the federal government behind finding fast, safe and effective treatments.”

Now, he said, his house is being outfitted with equipment that would enable him to livestream events, have interactive tele-press conferences and broadcast interviews with network television.

“I would like to get in the position and we’re trying to work out so that the headquarters … to be able to accommodate my directly answering questions in front of a press that’s assigned to me,” he said. “We’ve hired a professional team to do that now. And excuse the expression that’s a little above my pay grade to know how to do that.”

What a slimeball.