Biden Does It Again…Just Wait Until You Hear the Nonsense – Watch

Well, President Joe Biden has done it again, he’s gotten himself in a corner with a vast array of words that don’t make any sense. 

This time Biden was talking to CNN’s Jake Tapper. The president was defending his economic record, no easy task even for a well-spoken person. He said he doesn’t think there’s a recession coming, but if there is one it would be “very slight.” Then Biden moved on to begin boasting about all his “legislative victories,” like the “American Rescue Plan,” and the “Inflation Act.” That was his description, the real name of his plan is the “Inflation Reduction Act,” but it might be better described as simply the “Inflation Act.”

When Biden was asked if the American people should prepare for a recession, things got really interesting. Biden answered, “No, look, they’ve been saying this now, how, every six months they say this. Every six months, they look down at the next six months and say what’s gonna happen. It hadn’t happened yet.

“It hadn’t — but — there — that had — there is no, there’s no guarantee that there’s gonna be — I don’t think there will be a recession. If it is, it will be a slight recession. That is, we’ll move down slightly,” Biden added.

Then the president pivoted to what he considered to be his administration’s accomplishments. 

“Think about what’s happened. We’ve done more, we’re in a better position than any other major country in the world, economically and politically. We still have real problems, but look, look, look, look, look what we got done,” he said. 

Biden wasn’t done, although one of his team should have called him off. He went on a rambling speech about the economic impact on families in the nation who are concerned about energy prices. He said that his father used to say that middle-class families should have what he called “breathing room” after they pay all their bills. So that train of thought led him to talk about throwing $368 billion at “the whole notion of global warming” to deal with the energy problem.

He might have realized at this point that things were not making complete sense, so he took a stab at bringing more clarity, “It’s gonna bring a billion, a trillion, 750 million dollars, billion dollars off the sidelines in investment. Look what’s happened. Look at the investment going on in America right now.”

Tapper kept a straight face through all of this and he simply said, “Yeah. So you think Democrats have something to run on.”

“Oh, I think we do, I know we do,” Biden responded.