Biden Faces Protest During Michigan Visit – WATCH

President Biden faced backlash during a trip to Michigan on Thursday, as he struggled to please everyone in a state that was crucial to his narrow win in 2020. While the president was met with enthusiasm from Black community leaders, it was apparent that his popularity among some groups was dwindling.

Despite touting his 87% support among Black voters in the last election, Biden’s true problem seemed to lie with the Arab American community in the state. His itinerary did not include a stop in Dearborn, a city with a large Arab American population, and he did not meet with any Arab American leaders during his visit.

The discontent among Arab Americans over Biden’s handling of the situation in Gaza was evident, with protests and demonstrations taking place both before and during his visit. It seems that Biden’s stance on the ongoing conflict, in which he has steadfastly supported Israel’s response to Hamas attacks, has caused a rift between him and some of his supporters.

The White House schedule for the trip was notably generic, leaving out specifics such as the city Biden would be visiting. When questioned about the lack of detail, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre ignored specific concerns and simply stated that the administration is in regular contact with Muslim and Arab American leaders.

Biden’s approval among Arab Americans has plummeted since the start of the Gaza conflict and his response to it, with only 17% support in a recent poll. This is a drastic drop from the 64% of the Muslim vote he won in 2020. Some activists in Michigan even declined a meeting with Biden’s campaign manager, making it clear that there is a tension between the president and these voters.

As if facing backlash from a crucial group of voters wasn’t enough, recent polling out of Michigan has shown Biden trailing Trump narrowly. This could be a sign of trouble for the president as he gears up for his likely reelection in 2024.

Undeterred by the protests and low approval among some groups, Biden sought to lean on his strengths during the visit. A meeting with Black community leaders and a stop at a Black-owned restaurant gave the impression that he was still beloved by this group. However, the former president’s popularity with Arab Americans seemed to overshadow these moments.

The president also received a boost from the UAW’s endorsement of his reelection bid, as he basked in their support and praised the labor group for building the middle class. However, it remains to be seen if this endorsement will be enough to sway voters in a state where his approval is waning.

Overall, it seems that Biden’s visit to Michigan was a mixed bag. While he did receive strong support from Black community leaders and the UAW, his lack of attention to the concerns of Arab Americans could cost him dearly in future elections. Michigan will undoubtedly be a crucial state for the president to win over if he hopes to secure a second term in office.

The Hill