Biden Forgets He Isn’t President And Starts White House Transition Team

While speaking at a digital fundraiser hosted by Jed Katz, managing director of Javelin Partners, Biden said that he’s already putting together a transition team to take over the White House.

“I promise you that has already begun,” Biden said. “Sounds presumptuous. I don’t want to say we started thinking about it a month ago, we did, because that sounds like I was certain this was going to happen that I would be the nominee. I don’t want it to sound like that, but it has to happen and that’s why the transition team is already being put together.”

A transition team helps the candidate elect to appoint cabinet members who would lead government agencies. Biden has also said that he is going to create new cabinet-level positions to increase the power of the Environmental Protection Administration.

The Hill reports:

Biden said that he’s considering elevating several White House offices to Cabinet-level positions, singling out the Office of Science and Technology Policy, a global health security pandemic office and a potential climate change-focused role that “goes beyond the EPA.”

The former vice president said he might announce some of his Cabinet level picks before the election, and that he would take the advice given to him by former President Obama to surround himself with people who “know more than you know.”

There’s just one problem with Biden’s plans, he’s not even the official Democrat Presidential candidate yet, never mind the fact that he hasn’t won the Presidential election.

Some suggest that Biden is doing this to prove to super-delegates he should be the nominee. Many Democrats are questioning his ability to beat Trump because he can’t get through a television interview without forgetting what he’s supposed to say.

Biden could be trying to impress Democrat super-delegates or even influence them by picking their family members and friends to secure the nomination.

The Hill