Biden Gives Statement After Jordan Incident

President Joe Biden faced criticism and concern for his leadership abilities after his baffling comments on the recent attack on a US base in Iraq. During a campaign stop in South Carolina, Biden addressed the attack, which claimed the lives of three service members and injured at least 30 others. While offering a moment of silence for the fallen soldiers, Biden made a disturbingly light-hearted remark about the attack, chuckling and saying he wished he didn’t have to leave.

The mainstream media, ever eager to protect their favorite candidate, omitted this unsettling moment in their coverage. It seems they were well aware that Biden’s behavior was not a good look for a presidential candidate, especially while speaking about such a serious and tragic event. Biden’s behavior raises questions about his mental and emotional stability, especially in times of crisis.

Perhaps most concerning of all was Biden’s weak response to the attack. While he promised to respond, he offered no concrete plan of action and showed no indication that his response would be any different than the numerous ineffective responses that have failed to stop these attacks in the past. He relied on an unimpressive and empty statement about how he had “delivered the message to Iran” during a previous trip, yet there is no evidence to suggest that Iran has taken this message seriously.

Biden’s leadership on foreign policy and national security is lacking and ineffective. In the face of continued attacks on our military, he has been slow to respond and has failed to put any real pressure on Iran. It’s no wonder that Iran has continued to attack, knowing that they will face little consequence from a Biden administration.

Biden’s lack of a strong response to this attack only highlights his failures and inaction in dealing with Iran in the past. As the President, he has had plenty of opportunities to take a stand and put pressure on this hostile regime, yet he failed to do so. His weak and laughable response shows that he is not fit to lead the country in times of crisis.


As Americans mourn the loss of three brave soldiers and pray for the recovery of the wounded, it is disturbing to see a President make light of such a tragedy- at the very least, not take seriously what is happening in the world right now. Biden’s disrespectful behavior and weak response to the attack only serve to reinforce Americans’ concerns about his ability to lead and protect our nation. Our military members deserve a strong and decisive leader, not someone who chuckles and chuckles while the threats against them continue to grow.