Biden Has Been Abandoned: Former Obama Officials Pounce As The Situation In Kabul Gets Even Worse

Former Obama officials are abandoning Biden as the situation in Kabul gets even worse.

What Biden failed to disclose before going back to his basement is that there are about 40,000 Americans stranded in Afghanistan and there are no real plans to get them out.

As of the writing of this post only 1,400 Americans have been removed despite defense officials claiming they can rescue 5,000 a day.

The lack of answers is beginning to concern a lot people in Washington as the Taliban surrounds the US held area of the airport in Kabul.

Biden ignored the advice from former Obama Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta.

“I strongly recommend to President Biden that he take responsibility, admit the mistakes that were made,” Panetta said.

“We have been through a difficult few days here in Afghanistan, and he’s got to make clear to the American people that as commander in chief, he is going to continue to protect our national security and that we are going to go after terrorists wherever the hell they’re at. He has just got to ensure that the United States of America remains a strong world leader that can work with our allies to try to protect peace and prosperity. That is the message he’s got to give the American people and the world, because our credibility right now is in question,” he added.


Even CNN has abandoned him, host John Berman said, “Whether or not one agrees with the president’s decision to withdraw all U.S. troops, there’s no question the White House was wrong about the length of time they had. Wrong about the strength of the Afghan military. Wrong about the reach of the Taliban.”

The problem is Biden is acting like the crisis is over and that’s not the case.

It has been reported that the Taliban have given US personal a two week grace period to get out of the country. The Biden is now telling US personal to go to the airport but they can’t guarantee their safety.

What’s even worse is the Administration doesn’t even know how many Americans are in country.

When asked how many Americans remain in Kabul, State Department spokesman Ned Price said:

“It is not a tally that we keep in the context of Afghanistan or any other country. We have files – the Embassy has been in touch with many of these individuals. But it is not a figure that is readily available to us, precisely for the reason that you mentioned. It is incumbent on Americans in any given country to reach out to the embassy, to notify the embassy of their presence.”

“There are many dual nationals, who are also part of the equation, as well. So we’re just not in a position to give a firm figure,” he added.

The crisis isn’t over, it’s just beginning and even the left is making sure everyone knows this is all on Joe Biden.