Biden’s Top Inaugural Committee Donors Explains Everything

The Biden Inaugural Committee released it’s donors and the top donors explain everything. 

Google, Microsoft, and Verizon were some of Joe Biden’s top donors to his inauguration committee. 

The list was released after tech companies in mass indefinitely banned President Trump from their platforms and Amazon is purging the social media platform Parler from their servers. 

From Fox News:

Big Tech employees have landed top posts on the Biden-Harris transition team and Republicans are raising concerns that the additions to the team and the next administration are “evidence” that Silicon Valley “works hand in glove” with Democratic politicians.

At least nine different Biden transition team members or advisers previously held positions at Facebook, Google, or Twitter. And several transition team members worked in the Obama administration before joining one of the tech giants and then later reentering politics as part of the Biden team.

During his 2020 campaign Biden received almost $12 million from Big Tech. 

Other big donors to Biden’s inaugural committee are Comcast, Qualcomm, Boeing, United Food and Commercial Workers, and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. 

Since Biden’s been raking in big bucks from Silicon Valley he’s banned donations from the oil and gas industry. They had no problem taking the money of fossil fuel companies up to $200. 

Biden is inauguration is expected to be smaller because of the pandemic. Biden’s team is planning a virtual parade across America and feature “diverse” and “dynamic” performances. 

From the sounds of it, we can expect the same train wreck of a production for Biden’s inauguration that we saw during the DNC convention. The production of the even was so bad even liberal pundits were complaining

How could we forget performances like this (sarcasm)?

Of course, giving the ratings Biden gets when he speaks I’m not sure many people are going to care to watch it. 

Fox News