Biden Just Set Himself Up For Failure With Latest Declaration, Even The Media Is Scratching Their Heads

There is no other way to put it, Biden is a clown and he just set himself up for failure.

It would seem that Joe Biden’s math is about as good as bad as the simple math discovered in Jill Biden’s doctoral dissertation.

Joe Biden made a heap of promises that he is going to accomplish in the first 100 day and even the mainstream media was scratching their heads. Biden said that in the first 100 days of his administration he would oversee 100 million Coronavirus vaccine shots and “vowed,” to reopen a “majority” of schools across the nation.

Even, CNN’s Jake Tapper and Yahoo News White House correspondent, Alexander Nazaryan questioned that. Tapper reposted Nazaryan who said Biden’s claim to open schools was hollow.

“100 days from inauguration is April, when many school districts go on vacation. Then it will be May, and almost summer vacation. If he seriously wants schools to reopen, it will have to happen much sooner,” wrote Nazaryan.

At least some in the media are starting to realize Biden is an empty suit and his coronavirus plan is the Trump Administration’s plan.

Biden’s messaging isn’t resonating with Americans either. During his speech, he said, “things may well get worse before they get better.”

How much worse could it get? Democrat governors have already run their states into the ground.

His sediments sound like an elitist that has remained in the safety of his basement for months.

In contrast, President Trump was positive that the coronavirus is on its way out the door.

“I think that the vaccine was our goal, that was No. 1 because that was the way, it was the way it ends. Plus you do have an immunity, you develop an immunity over a period of time. And I hear we’re close to 15 percent, I’m hearing that and that is terrific. That’s a very powerful vaccine in itself,” Trump said referring to herd immunity.

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