Biden Is In Huge Trouble After What Just Happened In Miami, Florida

The Biden campaign could have an event in Florida every day from now until election and still won’t be able to take Florida. After what just happened in Miami it really makes the polling look suspect too.

According to Miami police, about 30,000 cars participated in the Latinos for Trump parade. That’s in Miami, not exactly a Democrat stronghold, but it sure isn’t a Republican stronghold either. If you figure there are at least two people in each car that’s 60,000 people took time out of their day to drive around and support the President…that is devastating to the Biden campaign. You may have noticed you haven’t heard a peep about this from the mainstream media. However, you know that if there was an event like this for Biden it would be the lead story for a week.

May I also say this, Trump supporters are some of the coolest people you’ll meet. These people are out enjoying the weather having a blast supporting the President. You don’t see them screaming and whining as you see during left-wing protests.

Example A:

Trump Supporter:

Biden Supporter:

I know who I’m hanging with and it isn’t the Biden supporter.

This is what a peaceful protest looks like!

No megaphones, no screaming, and no violence. Just people having a great time.

Remember when the left said that Trump supporters were angry, old, white people? Explain this…

I don’t care what the polls say, this means something.

Friends don’t look at the polls, the media is trying to bring you down. Ignore them and go out and vote in person when voting opens in your state, and bring a friend with you.

The only way out is through!