Biden Just Dug Himself Another Hole, His Supporters Flip Out After His Own CDC Director Counters Teachers Unions, ‘Vaccination Of Teachers Is Not…

This is getting fun to watch Biden hasn’t been in office a month and he’s already dug himself two big holes.

President Biden’s supporters are already fuming over the fact that when the next COVID bill passes they’ll only be getting $1,400 instead of $2,000. Then, his own CDC Director, Rochellee Walensky dumps on teachers unions who are demanding to be vaccinated before returning to in person teaching.

Walensky stated that “vaccination of teachers is not a prerequisite for safe reopening of schools.”

As you can imagine that set liberals off.

What’s down right hilarious is how during the campaign Teacher Unions told us that Biden was so much smarter than Trump and now they are going with the same plan the Trump administration had in place.

The outrage was so swift that during a press conference Press Secretary Jen Psaki threw Walensky under the bus claiming her statement was not “official guidance.”

If that got liberals mad just wait until they watch this…