Biden Lawyer Hits The Sunday Shows

The Biden team must really think the American people are stupid if they believe we will fall for their attempts at gaslighting. With Biden’s mental faculties declining faster than a stock market crash, they expect us to just ignore the evidence of our own eyes and ears and take their word for it? That’s like trying to convince us that the sky is actually green and not blue.

In a desperate and pitiful move, the White House Counsel spokesperson, Jill Biden, and even Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre all came out swinging in defense of the president. It was like watching a kindergarten class trying to explain why their classmate ate all the crayons.

The White House Counsel even dared to try and influence an independent investigation by demanding revisions to the Hur report. How pathetic. It’s clear they are scared and trying to cover their tracks.

But their attempts to distract and manipulate the public are not working. The American people can see through their malarkey and are not buying it. Every time they try to defend Biden and his declining mental state, they just bring more attention to the issue.

Even their media appearances were a disaster. It’s hard to believe they let Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), Biden’s National Advisory Board co-chair, go on national television and claim that Biden thinking the president of Egypt was the president of Mexico was just a “moment.” Um, excuse me? How many “moments” does one person get when they are leading the free world?

But ABC’s Jonathan Karl didn’t let him off the hook. He pulled out more examples of Biden’s brain breaking, like not knowing the name of Hamas and needing a reporter to help him out. And let’s not forget when he said he spoke to a dead president in 2021.

And let’s not forget that more than 80 percent of Americans think Biden is too old for the job. That’s not just some random poll, that’s an overwhelming consensus. I bet even Democrats are starting to regret pushing him forward as their candidate.

But instead of owning up to the problem, Coons tried to shift the blame to the media for focusing on Biden’s mental state. Sorry, Coons, but the American people are not blind. We can see for ourselves. And let’s not even get started on the disaster at the border and on foreign policy.

Oh, and speaking of the Hur report, both Coons and Biden’s lawyer, Bob Bauer, danced around the question of whether they would encourage the release of the full interview. If they are so confident that the report is wrong, why not put their money where their mouth is? Oh wait, that’s because they know the truth will be exposed.

The American people are not stupid, and we can see the truth for ourselves. The Biden team can keep trying to spin their way out of this, but we are not going to fall for it. It’s time for them to face the music and admit the truth about Biden’s declining mental state.

Red State