Biden Lectures Us About Christmas Unity..No Questions – Watch

Well, well, well, President Joe Biden delivered his “Christmas Address to the Nation, and his theme was “unity.”

It was all cheer and good tidings, what you would expect in a Christmas message, but the glaring irony of the speech was the deliverer himself.

President Biden talked about how “the message of Christmas is always important, but it’s especially important through tough times, like the ones we’ve been through the past few years.” 

What was the source of those “tough times?” The answer is politics. 

“Our politics has gotten so angry, so mean, so partisan. And too often we see each other as enemies, not as neighbors; as Democrats or Republicans, not as fellow Americans. We’ve become too divided,” Biden whined.

This president promised in his 2020 campaign to unite the country, but he has done the opposite. From the very beginning of his tenure, most Americans doubted his ability to “bring the country closer together.”

In the months leading up to the midterm elections in 2022, Biden was demonizing his political opponents, referring to them as “MAGA Republicans.”

In the September Independence Hall speech that was supposed to focus on the soul of our nation, he doubled down against his enemies and said the MAGA Republicans were extremists who threaten the foundation of our republic. 

The Democratic message this year has been that our democracy is under attack. 

Could that be why “our politics has gotten so angry, so mean, so partisan” and “we’ve become too divided.”

Biden also addressed the “tough times” by mentioning COVID. He claimed that “COVID no longer controls our lives.” But his administration continues to pressure people into getting their boosters every year now. 

And in a move that is typical for Joe, after his lecture of a speech, he refused to take any questions. His handlers are learning that they can not leave him alone with the press.