Biden May Be Cracking Under the Pressure…Just Snapped at Reporter Again – Watch

President Joe Biden snapped at a reporter on Tuesday for asking him about the “Big Guy,” a nickname that has been used to refer to Hunter Biden, the president’s son.

He’s already made a series of questionable public remarks about the situation, he’s even shouted “Where’s the money” at reporters during a recent press conference.

The incident occurred during a press conference at the White House. A reporter from The New York Post asked why an FBI informant described the president as the “Big Guy.” Biden got angry and snapped back, berating the person asking the question.

Biden said: “Why’d you ask such a dumb question?”

How is it that no one from the mainstream press is not talking about Biden’s rudeness with the hallowed press? Can you imagine if this had been Trump?

The reporter’s question was a legitimate one. The New York Times report has raised serious questions about Hunter Biden’s business dealings and whether or not his father was involved.

We now have multiple incidences from many sources of the President of the United States being described as a monetary beneficiary known as the “Big Guy.” To suggest, as he does, that it’s dumb to ask him why that is, is nonsense. It’s perhaps the most important question surrounding the entire Biden administration right now.

It remains to be seen how Biden will handle these questions in the future. However, his snappish response on Tuesday suggests that he may be growing increasingly frustrated with the media’s focus on his son, and he may be starting to crack from the pressure.

The conservative perspective on this incident is that Biden is being evasive and uncooperative. They believe that he is trying to hide something about his son’s business dealings.

They also believe that Biden’s snappish response is disrespectful to the press. They believe that the press has a right to ask questions about the president and his family.