Biden Meets With Pelosi In San Fran

Former Vice President Joe Biden has caused quite a stir during his recent visit to California. Known for his gaffes and slip-ups, Biden did not disappoint as he stumbled off Air Force One in his sneakers and was spotted holding hands with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi like they were at a nursing home reunion.

Social media was quick to jump on the opportunity to mock the 78-year-old President, with some even comparing the scene to a sequel of the classic movie “On Golden Pond” featuring an elderly couple. But the harshest criticism came in the form of a reference to the popular “Visiting Angels” commercial, as it seemed Biden needed some assistance himself.

While in San Francisco, Biden made sure to address his upcoming announcement of sanctions on Russia regarding the death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Biden met with Navalny’s widow and daughter, Yulia and Dasha, and praised their courage. However, it seemed he couldn’t even get their names right, as he referred to Yulia as “Yolanda” before shuffling off without taking any questions.

But perhaps the most concerning part of this whole visit was the stark difference in treatment between Biden’s meeting with the Navalnys and his long-awaited meeting with the people of East Palestine, Ohio. It took him over a year to finally meet with the residents of a red, Trump-supporting area, only after realizing the importance of the state in the upcoming election.

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